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Performance art of Minangkabau/ Eastern Art

Randai/ Performance art of Minangkabau
       Randai is performance art of  Minangkabau. In the beginning was the media to convey stories of the people, and less appropriate if called as a theater Randai Minangkabau tradition, although in its development Randai adopting storytelling or theater or theatrical dialogue. 

       Randai in the history of the Minangkabau have a fairly long history. The legend says that he was played by community Pariangan, Tanah Datar when mesyarakat the deer caught coming out of the sea. 

      Randai in Minangkabau society is an art that was played by several people in terms of groups or teams, which in this randai there is a story that was delivered, such as Mato story, Malin Fever, Anggun Nan Tongga, and other folklore. 

Randai aims to entertain people during a party usually held in public or at the feast of Eid al-Fitr. 

      Randai is played by the main character that will be on duty to submit the story, the protagonist can be numbered one, two, three or more depending on the story that was delivered, and in bringing the main character or act it circled by the other members that aims to enliven the course event. 

      Randai Now this is something foreign to the youth Minangkabau, this is because the shifting orientation of art or hobby of that generation. Randai contained in pasisie (coastal) and the area Darek (mainland). Every child has its own style randai in motion and pat-a specially designed trousers have a deep pisak, resulting in a variety of sounds when tapped, but in unison. "Hep ... ta ... Dugudung not-dik-building. 

      Dialogue pause, the child randai return air-coupled hepta-hepti stories sung (couplets) and accompanied saluang. The story rolling, tells the girl child (Sari Banilai) rejected her parents' wishes (Datuk Tumanggung Tuo) in marriage to bako-nephew Datuk Tumanggung Tuo-named Malendo Nature. 

      "Before randai become a kind of theater as developed at this time, a longtime dance randai. Dance randai maintained in a martial art that teaches college Ulua Ambek particularly in coastal areas (Padang Pariaman). 

      No wonder Minang contemporary dances of today, there is a pattern of movement and pattern randai dialogue like, "explains choreographer Ery Mefri. He was admitted to admit, his work as Salingka Adat Nagari, the latter shown in Theater Utan Kayu in Jakarta June 20 to 21, 2002, inspired from randai. 

      Randai also taught at the University of Hawaii, one of the professors of the university, Kirsten Panka, to make observations during three months in West Sumatra. As a result, these professors were amazed by the uniqueness randai complex, rich with indigenous ethics and aesthetics, and philosophy of living according to Minangkabau culture. 

      So, in the aspect of pop culture does not make the cultural traditions of Minangkabau be dead. What happened is the opposite, growing cultural traditions. Unexpectedly, performance art randai played by groups of students of University of Hawaii extraordinary acclaim. 

      In fact, the lecturers there to assess, since the last 30 years that students who are considered the best performances, "he said. On the program last year, continued Musra, he has taught martial arts martial arts, traditional music, literature said Minangkabau, dialogue and acting randai; tapuak galembong and galombang duduak. 

      "Only in four months, with high discipline, the students had mastered what was taught and able to perform art with a story umbuik randai Mudo with English dialogue in Building the Kennedy Center," he explained

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