Tuesday, December 27, 2011

mimetik dalam teater

Mimetik dalam teater

Dalam pandangan mimetik, seni teater merupakan cermin dari realitas. Kehidupan nyata yang dihadirkan kembali diatas panggung dengan menjadikannya lebih sederhana melalui kemampuan akting para aktor. 

Jadi, potongan realitas kehidupan yang luas dan utuh ini disajikan ke dalam dunia seni, khususnya teater dalam suara naturalisme, romantisme bahkan realisme, sebuah pilihan yang sama-sama menyajikan potongan realitas utuh.

Monday, December 26, 2011

exercise gesture

move quake

Exercise for heating. All players stand make a circle game which is great for heating. All players in a circle, standing position.

Instructor or someone thrilling one body part, such as legs, and then throw to the vibrations of others. The person must accept it with thrilling part of her body, eg hand, head, or the other. Then he threw the vibrations is to others. So forth.

latihan gesture


Seperti permainan potret keluarga yaitu membentuk gambar atau lukisan melalui pose para pemain.

Seorang pemain maju ke depan dan ia membuat pose tertentu sambil meneriakkan sebagai apa ia, misalnya: “aku adalah pohon” (sambil berpose sebagai pohon).

Pemain lain datang dan melengkapi gambar tentang pohon itu dengan ucapan dan pose, misal: “aku sebagai rantingya”, atau “aku sebagai pagar di samping pohon”, atau “aku menjadi rumah di samping pagar”, dan seterusnya sampai semua pemain mendapatkan gilirannya dan lukisan menjadi lengkap.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

theater is easy..

Teaching theater that was easy, because it teaches theater does not have to be a reliable teaterawan, he does not need to be an artist to be able to teach. because teachers are not an artist printer.

Students are not meant to be an artist, but that must be controlled by the teacher is a true understanding of theater and how to teach the method.

Exposure theatrical forms above at least give you an idea, how many alternatives that can be done to teach theater, in accordance with the conditions, circumstances, capabilities and facilities and infrastructure that exist in their respective schools. Theatre is easy, just how creative teachers can teach it.

muscular exercise

The actor as subject: the greek exercise

One actor in the middle and at least seven or eight others around her. He starts a movement and everyone else must help her complete his movement. 

For example, if she lifts a foot, someone immediately places themselves under his foot so that the actor is standing on them. 

The protagonist does whatever she likes and the others help her raise herself up, roll on to her back, strech out on her side, climb to the air, etc, by inserting themselves into the relevant space. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

hypnosis exercise

Columbyan hypnosis
One actor holds her  hand palm forward, fingers upright, a few centimeters away from the face of another, who is then as if hypnotized and must keep his face constantly the same distance from the hand of the hypnotiser, hair line level with her finger-tips, chin more or less level with the base of her palm. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

improvisation playing


Interactive exercises aimed at honing the courage of acting, relieving uncomfortable and to build mental strength as an actor.

There are five levels in this exercise: First, one trainee talks, while his friends replied in unison with scorn.

This is done for all participants in line/ round. Second, training invites people walking by talking with an expression as though serious, try these people believe in our conversation.
emotion practice
first, create a circular position, trainees are invited to recount the most memorable experience, including sad experience, pleasant, bitter, sweet, sad, happy, lonely, excited in turn.

Capabilities in a structured story is the main target in this training. If able to tell in a structured, then in the theater the actor will be able to build relationships between the characters. 

theater at school

theater at school
theater is one branch of the performing arts of the most complex because it includes various elements of art that can be used as a medium of aesthetic expression in each of his works.

Thus naturally collaborative theatrical process requires cooperation among part involved in it. Because of the wide variety of elements involved or may be involved, the art of theater can be reviewed and studied from various sides as well.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Realism theater

Realism Acting 
The fact or realist hailed as the two previous streams everything just to touch the imagination, a world of hope, a world of ideas. People want realism then back to the real world. what's on stage is the embodiment of reality.

Departing from the understanding that art is mimetic, art is a reflection of the real world.Flow of realism is divided into two parts; Social Realism Psychological Realism.

A. Social realism is a stream of pure realism. This stream is much discuss the reality of the social environment of a limp, and to submit the protests as a result of social injustice and inequality.



If each actor is ready to play their vision, then made ​​referrals to cooperate among themselves for a show.So we started watching 'sowing the seeds begin to bloom'.

Instructors who took pains 'to build young actors' have managed to 'create' a new characterization of quality artists before him.

Anatomy of Voice

Anatomy of Voice 
The definition of the material or color the sound is the sound that each person is different. The color of the human voice largely influenced by the high quality of his voice redah region. The sound of children differ from adults.

Breathing techniques and frasering
In vocal technique, there are three kinds of breathing, ie breathing chest, abdomen and diaphragm. In chest breathing, chest thrust as deep breathing. Throat or neck where the sound equipment near your chest, too tense.  

Saturday, December 17, 2011


The uniqueness of actor

Actor is the part that meets directly with the audience, directly related, directly viewed in their entirety. The Actor that's make the show live and have soul, so the show to be interesting to see.
Actor also berbeda with another part of artistic crew, another crew could detach himself from his expression tool but not for the actors. Like a stylist setting, he can release his expression tool because he was beyond himself. 


We are all the actors

There is an assumption that requires a dramatic play contrived behavior made ​​so attractive. This is wrong. Dramatic play is intended to show reasonableness. 

Acting is an extension of everyday life. our daily stir, talk, interact. Every day we are required to play a lot of "role" in accordance with the environmental context. While the stage is, office, schools, markets, houses, streets and so on. But the ability of expression on the stage different from the daily situation. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Body Practice

The Animal Practice 
One good exercise to improve flexibility and imagination of a player is imitating the animals.

The actors has to imitate typical movement of various animals. When imitating monkeys, the movement of his body, his face, and his voice should be like an ape. 

That's a way the actors try to portray the character played by an animal though.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Games olah improvisasi

Latihan sambung cerita

Bagaimana seorang pemain harus siapa dengan situasi dan kondisi yang selalu baru diatas panggung, walaupun ia sudah melakukan latihan itu berbulan-bulan, akan tetapi kemampuan pemain untuk siap dengan hal baru harus ada karena keadaan tidak selalu sama.

inilah salah satu games/ permaiann yang bisa dilakukan untuk meningkatkan kemampuan pemain dalam menangkap situasi lalu meresponnya dengan baik.