Monday, March 21, 2011

Technic to play

First technic how to entrance to the teks or plays.
these technic is for actors and director.

1. Collecting basic measures that must be done by his role in the play.

2. Collect character traits of the role, then try associated with the principal measures that had to do, then reviewed, which one should be highlighted as reasons for those actions.

3. Search for in the script, the part where the properties of cast that should be highlighted.

4. Search for in the script, the sayings that only have meaning implied to be a clearer pressure, until its meaning is more sticking out.

5. Creating the face of water movements, attitudes, and steps that can express the character mentioned above.

6. Creating the timing or the rules of perfect timing, so that the water movements and advances in accordance with the expressed utterance.

7. To extrapolate the technique, ie projection of the utterance and its emphasis on character-character sanga role.

8. Designing the game so that every picture that details the character-character, presented in a staircase to the summit, and the strongest action associated with the strongest character as well.

9. Ensuring that the plan does not conflict with the plan (draft) directing.

10. Setting the bussiness and the blocking that has been assigned to the role and memorized in order to become a habit cultivated by the role.

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