Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Voice Excercises

To train of voice

      Sound as a tool body to convey the feelings and thoughts should always be in a state of 'alert', which sounds should be part of the actor / player. Thus it is necessary for continuous training and discipline to achieve the expected target. 

      Mastery requires a balanced sound all aspects Driya / senses, sense / soul and mind. Because the sound will be a 'vehicle' that delivers the audience understand what the players on the stage. 

Diaphragm Breathing 
     The muscles will grow and tighten when we inhale a breath, this is only part of the tense. Then the muscles of the back side too, and then deflated while also expanding exhaled breath back. 

      The position of the diaphragm is between the chest cavity and abdominal cavity. Breathing through the diaphragm is what is felt most menguntukan in vocal exercise, because it does not cause strain on the equipment pernapasandan sound equipment and also has enough power for the formation of the volume. Another advantage is obtained when itâ hold your breath the diaphragm muscles are tense, muscular tension is precisely to protect the weak parts of our body ie heartburn. 

      Breathing is very good in an effort to collect "power in" the process of vibration, due to diaphragmatic breathing will be easier to control and regulate the use of breathing. 

      Practicing breathing a lot of variety and how. Breathing exercises can be done in various ways, from the branches of martial arts such as martial arts, karate, or even swim. But there are some important notes that must be done for the purpose of breathing in acting (acting), namely: 

Exercise 1: 
- Lying flat on the floor and breathe in that position, feel your body relax completely. 

- Lie on the floor, feel the weight, concentrate on your feet towards us, to the fingertips, feel the entire ankle apart. 
- Imagine all the veins filled with air, knee hinges were filled with air let us relax the thigh bone so that the flesh and the muscles become one with the bones. 

- Imagine the joints of waist and thigh cast filled with air so that the whole body is no longer burdensome feet. 

- Allow your back and stomach muscles melt like water, let your back relax and not have to impose a flat spine, allow the muscles throughout the body and head to the jaw in addition to our ears relax until our teeth are not locked tongue also is not sticky at the top mouth, jaws be like the fall as well as the tongue is not touching each other. 

- Let us face feels heavy in bone facial bones, let the cheeks, lips, eyelids completely relaxed. 

- Feel your body relax pull the sagging floor in full breath to feel the sensations that occur in our bodies when the floor was due to natural breathing. Repeat it continuously with intense. 

Exercise 2: 
- Beware that the middle of the residence of our bodies are relaxed it will inevitably be a condition that is easy to fall when breathing in and out of the body, relaxing does not mean there is no control over the body but often times makes us control exactly become tense, so the breathing that goes natural is the image of relaxing itself. 

- Take a deep breath without coercion, keep hands on the shoulders feel the urge to breath in the diaphragm. 

- When the air enters the body and sucked by the mouth or nose, into the center and out again, always feel the warmth of the air inside the body and the cold air we inhaled it. 

- At the time felt the air enters the body always do appreciation in the air, feel a deep sense of relief in the body and then air down hayatilah keperut with emotion that is always awake (concentration). 

- Repeat the encouragement of causality with intensive exercise, emotions awake, always felt that when we exercise is part of this universe. 

- The most important thing is to avoid the tensions, let the whole move naturally and regularly.

To Train of Voice

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