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Human being in Theater

Ceremony being Human

Note Performing Theater purpose "Kucak-Kacik" By Theatre YAI
By: Zak Sorga

The play kucik-kacik by Arifin C. Noer reflects the author's point of view. namely, first, that human life is the process of the ceremony to be human. second, all the work done by humans is worship. worship for God.

In the manuscript "Kucak Kacik" This Arifin C. Noer has put the main character, Darim, everywhere continue being shaken by the struggle between idealism and reality of life which is too materialistic, fake, and without establishing authoritarian. Shake it so hard to continue to oscillate Darim (hilarious kacik) all the time.
Inside yourself, Darim feel lost idealism that he lives aspire. "Darim, where are you? Let's go home Darim! Go home! "He cried longingly. On the other hand in front of his wife, Darim also helpless. She felt her department demanded that makes him no longer had time to ponder life. For his wife's happiness is money and money. He demanded Darim to work hard, adapt to circumstances, even if I have to throw away the morality and idealism. Do not feel jealous, what did not sell themselves. "You feel jealous because you see Darim, close your eyes." Screamed his wife when mortgage purity.
Darim is all of us, so criticism Arifin C. Noer in this community. We wanted a big family and have kids a lot, but not ready to nurture him. We are not ready to hear the moans and cries of our children. We just want peace and make our children as a display of nice views, without protest and desire.

In the world of education the teachers are also not prepared to deal with differences, all students made uniform. Uniformity is so sad, ranging uniforms, everyday behavior, thought patterns and personality jga. If there are students who have different personalities it will be branded as a disciple who did not have good manners and stupid. It is strange, wit and intelligence of a pupil is measured from its compliance with the rules that only aim for the students is easily controlled. In this case a sense of creativity and intelligence will always be ignored.

In the world of law even worse. Darim or we all really helpless. Truth is only dependent on the sense of like or dislike the judge, profitable or not for the judge, and all it's just money talking. The death penalty or free for the people can be bought with beauty and money.

In a world economy Darim thousands powerless. They all become poor, who are always oppressed and intimidated. They all want to be rich, but never ready to become rich. So in many ways he was traveling, gambling, bribery, telikung twisted is commonplace. They were impoverished by the situation, politically and culturally. This corresponds to the time of the birth of this manuscript is the New Order era in which economic development became a vigorous jargon shouted by the government. But nonetheless, Laugh Kacik script is still very appropriate today. Still a lot of Darim who had not moved and found himself.

For Darim itself, in the space ruchiah, wealth was actually seventeen cycles of prayer that every day he did. Arifin seventeen described it as a light truck which contains a full stack of money. But for Eroh (Darim wife) he wants real money, that really real he mastered so that he could silence the mouths of all people, including law and justice mouth.

 The Indonesia-an

Artistic process Arifin C. Noer was born in moments of Indonesia is keen to find face-getolnya Indonesia. During that time (1970 s / d 1990) discourse of modernization and tradition is so intense didialogkan. Almost all the themes and art flow bridge this discourse, including the world of theater. And look at the various works of theater that has him born, Arifin C. Noer including the most successful artists find the face of Indonesia.

Works by Arifin C. Noer tells it to flow like a fairy tale and the tale puppet shows, as well as dramatic films like Hollywood. Dramaturgy applied Arifin C. Noer in his works is a scientific blend of Western dramaturgy but the spirit and the east face is a highly imaginative world and sufistis.

One problem faced by his characters is the question of third world people (the people who are developing). So did the way the characters are facing problems and conflicts that he experienced. They all tend ngelangut and mendialogkannya with yourself, not dealt with through legal channels or the real facts. This all is a long monologue to Arifin, maybe after the show took place he hopes penontonlah should act.

Not just talk

All manuscript work Arifin C. Noer is not just a drama, he was born of a long struggle of this community. Therefore the characters are never single-faced, he was the deputy of us all, representatives of people who are oppressed, those who anxiously look for his Lord, teachers and parents are worried about bobroknya world of education, the wives who can not afford to take the weight kitchen needs that continue to soar, the workers who continue to squeeze and never stop to rest. And all of it is lived his characters until melting ketulang marrow.

This is not the maximum appreciation the audience felt the YAI Tanya Theatre stage at Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) October 22, 2010 this time, so the show Laugh-Kacik that are served only until the narration of a story. So many conflicts, the atmosphere and images presented in this manuscript did not find the event dramatiknya. 90-minute performance that was almost just flat-flat course, was not moving and the only road in place. Characterization figure who is so varied background of his life, in the Performance Theatre this YAI Ask not feel the difference, both in costume, vocal color and his behavior on stage, even though the material terms of the players seemed very few players showed enough talent, such as actor Eroh (Bayer Palupi) and Mother (Ipeh).

Even the concept of space and artistic performances (including lighting and costum) that are served by the artistic director (Cmuks), feels there is a collision with the concept pengadeganan desired by the director. The concept sets the stage proscenium stage and the laying of property which is too rigid symmetrical and this is very necessary to re didialogkan whether the concept is in conformity with the desired pengadeganan Laugh Kacik manuscript in the show this time, so as to be flexible and ready to infiltrate into all space and time. And no less important not to forget the face of the Indonesia's always background manuscript Arifin C. Noer.

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