Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Body Practice

The Animal Practice 
One good exercise to improve flexibility and imagination of a player is imitating the animals.

The actors has to imitate typical movement of various animals. When imitating monkeys, the movement of his body, his face, and his voice should be like an ape. 

That's a way the actors try to portray the character played by an animal though.
If exercise is done in advance of his friends, as usually will be ridiculed once boisterous. That's all right. Precisely with the ridicule it mentally to be strong, not be ashamed, and not be afraid cheered on in public.
if the practice of reading poetry prioritizes vocal exercises, then imitating these animals were the main target motion.

Various members of the body certanly feet, hands and head move a lot to imitate various animals. When done repeatedly, his body gradually becomes pliable, easily driven, not rigid. body flexibility is certainly very useful for an actor to perform the movements of the stage playing the character acting entrusted to him.

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