Saturday, December 17, 2011


We are all the actors

There is an assumption that requires a dramatic play contrived behavior made ​​so attractive. This is wrong. Dramatic play is intended to show reasonableness. 

Acting is an extension of everyday life. our daily stir, talk, interact. Every day we are required to play a lot of "role" in accordance with the environmental context. While the stage is, office, schools, markets, houses, streets and so on. But the ability of expression on the stage different from the daily situation. 

Because required to convince the audience. His voice must be clear, its motion must show character and character roles, and are required to correspond with the desired tempo dramatic director.
So an actor is expected to develop themselves through exercise and practice of continuous steady. Only by exercising the acquired skills and techniques that good.

According Usmar Ismail, has mastered the art technical expertise when someone who brought the ins and outs of small and tricky-tricky mechanically with no thought longer, and as if not intentional.
Exercise is useful remedy allows the actor out of various difficulties.

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