Sunday, December 18, 2011

Realism theater

Realism Acting 
The fact or realist hailed as the two previous streams everything just to touch the imagination, a world of hope, a world of ideas. People want realism then back to the real world. what's on stage is the embodiment of reality.

Departing from the understanding that art is mimetic, art is a reflection of the real world.Flow of realism is divided into two parts; Social Realism Psychological Realism.

A. Social realism is a stream of pure realism. This stream is much discuss the reality of the social environment of a limp, and to submit the protests as a result of social injustice and inequality.
Characteristics of Social Realism:
1. the main character is usually the common people
2. His acting is reasonable, not excessive, acting as everyday life
3. Support and visual aspects tailored to the circumstances of everyday
4. Featured stories from everyday life stories due to differences in levels of social

B. Psychological Realism is the development of social realism that emphasizes the reality of psychological aspects of role / character that became the starting point of the message and the substance of the story.

Characteristics Psychological Realism:
1. Further highlight the psychiatric aspects of character
2. Natural setting with proper intonation
3. The atmosphere is shown symbolically to support the psychological aspects of role / character
4. Director is more concerned with psychological conflict coaching role / character of the conflict of a physical

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