Wednesday, December 21, 2011

theater at school

theater at school
theater is one branch of the performing arts of the most complex because it includes various elements of art that can be used as a medium of aesthetic expression in each of his works.

Thus naturally collaborative theatrical process requires cooperation among part involved in it. Because of the wide variety of elements involved or may be involved, the art of theater can be reviewed and studied from various sides as well.
There is a work of theater that emphasizes the element shapes, but there are also works of theater that puts the motion, music, words or even mix it all into one form of the show.

A high level of flexibility of the art theater allows a person to get involved in a theatrical production can play even without the theater. He can be served as a filler illustration of musicians, decorations, makeup and fashion, or even just by being a porter.

But generally, the art of theater is only seen as the role of art so that all those who studied theater hoping to be a player no other theater. Similarly, the theater arts in primary school in extra curricular activities where coaches expect a good quality cast appearance than building collaborative work processes in the work.

This situation is a mirror of the existence of theatrical art which is only seen as a work of art alone.

If viewed from the side of education, theater arts actually have a tremendous role especially in instilling the values ​​of personality. So not only the role of art or other artistic elements, but managing all of the elements into a single unit that requires great cooperation among its supporters.

Thus, rather than works of art presented or laid out well and aesthetically appropriate rules of art and artists but the process of working together in creating work that is important and needs to be emphasized in education.

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