Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Being Director again

Being Director

In addition to the two previous styles, there are two other styles, namely:

3. Silence Director
       Silence sometimes be a way to hide stupidity. Because there is a style director, model, seems like a popular film director. Long hair, scary face, and his brow often furrowed.

In short, looking beyond impressed smart, but once the way, the power of discretion is shallow, the brain's ability just in mediocre.

       But it is not all, there is not much talk, but when I say a word even though the two words, his words so, pithy, weighty and invite the imagination of workers and players.

       Sometimes she gave everything to the worker and his players. Even for important decisions. There might be two things.

       First, he does not want to bear the risks alone, then he needs support from others. It looks like a democratic attitude, but some says as a coward.

       Second, because he wanted to the workers and the players become more creative. He created an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and proceed. Silence may be a strategy or indeed his character. But when his decision's needed to show, he ccome as leader, director.

       Being quiet, often causing a lot of risk. The work so slow, delayed. When working with the director of this style, it must often ask questions and lead director to make a decision quickly.

       The good director should always: the power train of thought, speech and the right focus-in, dare to conclude and decide something fearless, courageous and responsible act.

4. Romantic Director
       Without the necessary wide-winded, we already know this style. For those who got the director of this style, please be careful, because usually he likes to get in love the players or their workers and are often involved in scandal due to temperament.

Actually, each style there are positive and negative. So please vote.  what kind of director are you?

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