Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Being Director

Being a director? 
Is easy to be a director?

      Easy, easy .. maybe that's what many came for those who have never felt to be a director.

      It works just order, sit down and look at it, even at times angry and not be denied. Nice right?

      But is so easy if a director? The director's real job has risks and should be implemented with full responsibility.

      Occasionally, the director gave the command, choose something casually, without thinking. Is this the only job that 'casual'?

A director has the artistic vision that has been honed over long experience and the process as an actor, director and even as a support team other performances.
      Artistic vision is a kind of power that emerged after honed and had undergone failed and succeeded.

      From various styles owned by directors there are 4 types of "style" director, is clearly related to temperament and human nature.

1. Grumpy Director
      Many who follow this kind of style. Because a lot of misconceptions about the director must often angry. Anger is a must, so he said.

      This force can be justified from angry to have obvious reasons. well thought out way out of what caused the explosion that anger. And that is what is called "anger by love." Because anger without reason or because of sheer selfishness, and without providing a way out, is the anger that is not productive.

      Because anger is such that it will provide a double loss. The first loss, he lost the second moments to be appreciated and directly turn off the power of initiative and creative players.

      Communication is usually difficult to do by the director of angry, supporters of the show to be reluctant to communicate and consult with the director for fear of his anger became targets. Though the work is collective work and theater director who like this will lose the precious moments for her to learn and process well.

2. Nagging Director
      This style is also a lot of followers. Sometimes he thought many workers are fools who must be herded like a duck and shall be informed of matters to detail.

      He was always suspicious, the way his mind is complex and intricate. An easy task so difficult, so complicated that simple.

      Directed like this usually work alone as authoritarian. He dominates all sectors and lines of work performance. so that his workers were afraid to grow. And the director certainly like this will quickly tired.

      Sometimes also because he was the one who has the biggest share. So feeling narsistiknya very great and so considers himself less than a role in the success and if that fails then he will blame someone else because he was the most intelligent.

      We should straighten perspective to be a director. Directed not to print the actor but the actor honed capabilities such as power, concentration, observation, imagination, improvisation, character development and player.

      Directed only give the key, and the players and their workers will have to open it themselves so they can learn for the next process.

3. Quiet Director
...... (Continued)

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