Sunday, December 18, 2011

Anatomy of Voice

Anatomy of Voice 
The definition of the material or color the sound is the sound that each person is different. The color of the human voice largely influenced by the high quality of his voice redah region. The sound of children differ from adults.

Breathing techniques and frasering
In vocal technique, there are three kinds of breathing, ie breathing chest, abdomen and diaphragm. In chest breathing, chest thrust as deep breathing. Throat or neck where the sound equipment near your chest, too tense.  

Thus, the voice sounded stiff posed. In abdominal breathing, belly bulging when to breathe. This method does not lead to sound stiff, but the burst of sound is less powerful because of its distance from the vocal or instrument sound in the neck.

In the respiratory diaphragm, the breath is bulging when pulling around the diaphragm, side and back. Breathing is ideal because the sound is made ​​strong and rigid.

Differences respiratory circulation speaking and singing are as follows:
1. Inhale - straight talk - break - take a deep breath, and so on.
2. Inhale - hold the breath for a while - singing - take a deep breath, and so on.

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