Sunday, December 25, 2011

theater is easy..

Teaching theater that was easy, because it teaches theater does not have to be a reliable teaterawan, he does not need to be an artist to be able to teach. because teachers are not an artist printer.

Students are not meant to be an artist, but that must be controlled by the teacher is a true understanding of theater and how to teach the method.

Exposure theatrical forms above at least give you an idea, how many alternatives that can be done to teach theater, in accordance with the conditions, circumstances, capabilities and facilities and infrastructure that exist in their respective schools. Theatre is easy, just how creative teachers can teach it.

Starting to learn the theater starts from the simple such as breathing exercises (chest, abdomen, diaphragm), exercise gesture, motion, position, expression, and so on. Also there are games status changes (changing roles), who played two people, each of which plays a certain character, then alternate with co-star, without having to switch characters he played.

In this game the participants can live how to play different emotions in one scene alone. Exercise in cooperation. The game is to fight the stereotype that exemplified the soap opera, where all the game content continues to rage, fear continues, sadly kept from beginning to end, for example.

There is also a game of Three Ways Conversation, a dialogue in which three players simultaneously, two players each question and answer, while a player is constantly urges other with its own dialogue with different topics. Dynamics that occur in this game provide meaningful lessons, how to create a show with just a simple scenario. Only in this way alone would be able to make the audience interested in following the course of the show.

Interactive teaching methods that do speakers actually able to inspire the participants to express his expression, not afraid of the wrong, should not feel bad, and boldly advanced. "If the teacher himself embarrassed to go forward, what about the students?" A question oratory of speakers who made the participants could not deny it. Heru is a person whose emotions are not explosive, be polite, soft-spoken, friendly, good intonation, not emotionally, so as to create a comfortable training atmosphere. Participants did not feel patronized, but berhgadapandengan positioned himself.

In subsequent sessions, participants are invited how to dialogue with the tempo slow, normal and quick turns. Also taught how to dialogue with the use of songs, like an opera. And finally, learn to create a show in a small group respectively. The principle of all these examples is how the participants can recognize a wide range of performances.

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