Saturday, January 7, 2012

strength exercise

Pushing against each other

This exercise for body exercise. the body exercise is a first part of acting, so, the strength of body must be practice to make actor's body can do many movements and expressions.

This is very important exercise, above all because it shows physically what the actor’s maieutic (the Socratic process of assisting a person to bring into clear consciousness conception previously latent in the mind) action should be during a forum theater session. The exercise is about using all one’s strength and still not winning!

The actors arrange themselves in pairs, facing each other and hold each other by the shoulders. There is a line (imaginary or real) on the ground between them. They start pushing with all they strength. When one person feel that her ‘adversary’ is weaker, she eases off so as not to cross the line, so as not to win. If the other person increases his pushing, the first do the same, so that together are using all the strength they can muster. This is exactly what the player must do during a forum session: neither give way to the intervening spect-actor, nor overwhelm him, but rather help him to apply all his strength.

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