Friday, April 1, 2011

How to train motivation

what is it? Motivation is a factor "in" to be possessed by an actor.

According to Stanislavski, motivation should start from an aesthetic motivation, where he served on the stage, not for publicity himself, all motion of the act is always motivated, the motivation of the previous movement and the motivation for the next movement.

The role that we get must have a purpose and motivation. In any circumstances it is impossible to do something that directly aimed to spark a feeling for the feeling itself.If this is not honored, then you will not get anything.

If we choose an action or actions do not use your feelings and inner. Do not try to show action or state jealous love, just for the sake of mere feeling aja. All those feelings are the result of something that happened previously.
Try to remember the previous incident was a deep and the results will come alone. A false depiction of lust, which use conventional movements, all of this is that often these mistakes happen.

Thus, the motivation on the role that we should bring in line with the story line. Are we standing role as a protagonist, antagonist or supporters.

If we know the role we will be easier for us to make that role belongs to us. So that every movement, dialogue and everything we do in the line of our role.

After the outline of the role we've we've got, then we begin to enter the small part of our role. Breaking our role be in the act and scene. Then with a capital line of our role, we will find the background of the dialogue and the role our emotions.

After it all, already complete our efforts to enter our role with all the reasons.
Intelligence and reasoning ability is important in this motivation, what is not. How to convince ourselves of the circumstances and the fact that no significant role.

So, concentration and imagination still continued to be trained so that we do not lose motivation and emotion in our roles on the stage.

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