Wednesday, December 21, 2011

improvisation playing


Interactive exercises aimed at honing the courage of acting, relieving uncomfortable and to build mental strength as an actor.

There are five levels in this exercise: First, one trainee talks, while his friends replied in unison with scorn.

This is done for all participants in line/ round. Second, training invites people walking by talking with an expression as though serious, try these people believe in our conversation.
Then left the man in a state of believing what we say.

Third, ask anything of people have been known, yet people did not know that the person concerned is exercise. Fourth, the participants divided into groups, each five to ten people one group.

The group walked to the market, college, school or other crowded places. One of malingering amid the crowd, while others pretend to be busy helping so that passers-by drawn attention as well to help them. Fifth, pretending to be a beggar on the sidewalk or the market with make-up and steady expression.

Convincing people as if true a beggar, so no one knows that this beggar was the candidate who is exploring the actor himself.

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