Thursday, December 22, 2011

hypnosis exercise

Columbyan hypnosis
One actor holds her  hand palm forward, fingers upright, a few centimeters away from the face of another, who is then as if hypnotized and must keep his face constantly the same distance from the hand of the hypnotiser, hair line level with her finger-tips, chin more or less level with the base of her palm. 

The hypnotiser starts a series of movements with her hand, up and down, right and left, backward or forwards, her hand vertical in relation to the ground, then horizontal, then diagonal, etc. – the partner must contort his body in every way possible to maintain the same distance between face and hand. If necessary, the hypnotic hand can be swapped; for instance to force the hypnotized to go between the legs of the hypnotiser. The latter’s hand must never do movements too rapid to be followed, nor must it ever come to a complete halt. The hypnotiser must force her partner into all sorts of ridiculous grotesque, uncomfortable position. Her partner will thus put in motion a series of muscle structures which are never, or only rarely, activated. He will use certain ‘forgotten’ muscles in his body.

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