Thursday, January 19, 2012

the Aesthetics elements in traditional theater

the Aesthetics elements in traditional theater

       In general, the elements supporting the staging of a theatrical tradition consists of a story or play, actors, and audience.

       To support the existence of three elements, raised a number of supporting elements of aesthetic performances like this.
a. Story or play who prepared and delivered orally by the leadership of the play to its players in outline form. All players must be pengembangkan own outline stories that have been delivered.

b. Property and costume players including property loss, hands, head, and so on.

c. Tata simple artistic performances. Usually display one or several Oncor (tool torch made ​​of bamboo) are arranged in such a way around the arena show.

d. Elements of musical accompaniment that typically use the tools of the local traditional music.

e. Playing field in the form of theatrical arena where the audience sitting around the venue.

f. The existence of other forms of dance before and during performances that are sometimes detached from the frame of the story.

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