Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Entetainment of Theater

Evil in danger (teater K2)

      Theatre is producing the events between humans, whether that happened or who maked, and the presentation was intended to entertain. At least this is what is meant, if we then talk about the theater, whether old or new. 

      To further enrich, can we add events between humans and gods. nevertheless, because we will only ensure that the smallest only, then these events can we leave behind. if we will talk about the theater as an entertainment depictions of implementation remain to be preserved. 

      Since the first has become an end in the theater and every other art form to entertain humans. The aim had been to give dignity to the typical theater, the theater did not have to give another card except for pleasure, which is absolutely necessary. 

      People would probably lift it to an even higher level, such as the market moral. If that occurs, should be increased vigilance lest he be humiliated, the direct authority of the theater will be trampled if the things he deals with moral not make something fun, that is by making it a mere physical, which is of course precisely beneficial moral principles. 

      Theatre should never be used for teaching. At least not to teach things that are considered more useful, in addition to teaching someone how to move in favor, both in terms of physical, and spiritual. Actually the theater should be allowed to continue is something that is not the principal's right, that by itself means. 

      That's how the ancient people let the tragedy according to Aristotle's arguments, should not be considered to be higher or lower than human comfort. If it is said the theater was born from the cult of the gods, then the theater in question is born just as people separate from the religious aspect of the ceremony. Clearly, the theater did not bring the religious mandate. 

      Aristotelian catharsis, the cleansing by fear and a sense of pity, or from fear and pity, is the sanctification which not only presented in a fun, but be a destination to enjoy. Expect more from the theater or to allow the theater to do more than it means degrading their own goals. 

      Even if people talk about high art or even entertainment is low, then a prominent is the art of steel-faced. Art wanted him to be left free to move high and low and do not be harassed, usik, if in that way he can please men. 

      Of course entertainments in a different era with amusement at other times, because it depends on how humans live together in the era. People spectator circus that dominated Greek tyranny must be entertained in a different way with the people of the audience in the days of Roman and French. Theater should provide another illustration of the common life of man, not only the picture of life with the others, but the picture is another kind. 

      Depending on the type of entertainment that is possible and required by each mode of life with humans, it must be shown in other figures and the situation that developed in other perspectives as well. The story should be presented else entirely. For the Greeks to amuse themselves with the laws of the gods who handcuff though not know him, they can not avoid the curse. To be a Frenchman who berkebanggaan graceful self, which upholds the noble laws relating to the obligation on other worldly glory, glory, to be entertained. 

      So the theater is actually human efforts to loose and little to forget the realities experienced. Theatre is also used as a place of contemplation in order to better deal with social reality.

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